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On Access Hollywood Top 10 of 2000, Britney, by some ironic twist of fate, came out on top at #1. My collaborators and I think that some bribery, rigging, and Brit's mom were involved. Of course they would never admit it but then they would be lying. Let's take a look at what probably REALLY happened...

Britney *in a southern tone*: "oh, mama, i really needta
win this cuz if people think
i'm not cool than that might
mean i'm really not"

Britney's Mom: "ok sweetie i'll see what i can do for you"
*spins around to face guy in charge*
"hey commere you bastard get my daughta on
the list at #1 or i'll have your ass fried
in my louisiana gumbo!"

Guy: "ok, ma'am! whatever you say ma'am!"
*write's 'britney' at top of list and
submits results*

...So there you have it. The true story behind Britney's claim to fame. Now only if we could help her claim a coffin...

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